TT 025 - Aston Martin Virage Volante 1992

Although the Virage Coupe was in production by 1989, the Volante (convertible version) was not available until early in 1992. Originally built as a 2 seater, this configuration was soon dropped in favour of a 2+2 layout, the car being powered by the same 5.3 ltr V8 as the coupe, producing around 330 bhp.


Never a really popular car with the motoring pundits, the Volante continued in production albeit with various minor modifications until 1996, by which time 235 vehicles had rolled off the assembly line.


Price - £119




TT 026 - Aston Martin DB3 Coupe - Le Mans 1952

For the 1952 Le Mans Race, Aston Martin entered 3 DB3 cars, 2 were the normal open cockpit machines, but the 3rd was fitted with a Coupe body, to be driven by Reg Parnell and Eric Thompson. The car only lasted 10 laps before it retired with a failed final drive. The other 2 cars suffered a similar fate, the last one failing after 20 hrs when running in 4th place. After the race, the coupe body (which was never used again) was removed, and the car returned to the normal open cockpit configuration.


Price - £109